Individual Health Insurance In Utah

Individual Health Insurance In Utah

In this competitive world, Health Insurance is becoming the most significant issue in every person''s day-to-day life .Its a kind of collectivism by which people risk the cost of incurring medical expenses. Health Insurance is the second most important thing what an individual looks for in a job . Most of the companies these days provide Group Health Insurances but if the company is not providing the facility of the Group Health Insurance, then the employees can address the Individual Health Insurance Plan.

What is Individual Health Insurance ?

Individual health Insurance is a coverage plan that a person buys individually for himself, or for his family or children. It''s kind of a safeguard to a person that caters to his needs for health-related issues. It''s similar to a private Health coverage .Majority of the employers in America get their Insurance from their employers, but still, 5 percent of the population purchases the plan on an Individual basis . There are different rules and regulation to apply for an Individual Health Insurance in each state.

How to Buy Individual Health Insurance ?

In every state, the Health Insurance plan can be purchased by Licensed people also known as agents or brokers who can sell Insurance plan from different companies and they can also help you to buy the best plan. Agents also help their clients in processing their claims and almost anything regarding the policy plan. The Insurance company that hires them pays them the commission for selling their policy, so you need not pay them a direct fees.

Health insurance in Utah

Utah is a western state of united states. It was the 45th state admitted to the Union . Each state in United States of America has its own rules and regulations for health Insurance, and so is the case for Utah . A federal known as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for health plans for the whole nation .And apart from that, each state can pass their individual heath reforms and plans. For example, fully-insured Group Health Insurance Plan and Individual Health Insurance Plan. In Utah, the heath insurance plan is related to your health status. However in Utah, there are some alternatives to individual Health Insurance Plan such as COBRA coverage and the Utah Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool (HIP Utah).

Individual Health Insurance sold by private companies

In Utah, the private companies will refuse to sell you the individual health insurance if you fall under the criteria of Group Health insurance, COBRA coverage, State Continuation Coverage , Conversation Coverage , Medicare , Medicaid, or HIPUtah. Under the new law in Utah, the new born and adopted children are placed within their parents'' Individual Health Insurance Plan for the first 30 days and the insurer may want that the parents pay the premium for the child in order to continue with the coverage plan .If there is a disabled child he/she may fully fall under the coverage plan until he/she reaches an age at which the dependent plan is terminated.

COBRA and State Continuation Coverage :

If he or she is leaving from his job and is under the Group Insurance Plan and wants to continue with it than he or she can do it with the help of COBRA or State Continuation Coverage. There are certain criteria to fall under the COBRA plan

1) The person should be working with a company having 20 or more employees; if the number of employees in an organization falls between 2 to 19, then he or she can apply for State Continuation Coverage.

2) He or she must be covered in the Group Health Insurance Plan as an employee or children or a spouse.

3) Last but not the least, the qualifying event should be there that may cause you to lose your Group health Insurance plan.